Selling Gun Ownership-Necessity.

To understand why I’m going to say the following, some background is in order.

Did your Ma and Pa sit down in front of the fireplace, and review the pertinent details of gun ownership and the importance thereof?

Mine didn’t.

It took a public sector job with the United States Air Force and an attendant trip to Kelly Base Range for my first exposure to guns, at the ripe young age of 23. Prior to that, i’d grown up in Chicago-where gang bangers kill each other almost as fast as the news can blame it on the NRA.

The culture in one of the most anti-gun areas in America is, unsurprisingly, hostile to weapons. Its one of the few common cultural ties in the area. A gang banger’s mother from the rough side of Englewood , a Highland Park IL socialite, and a middle class schoolteacher won’t share much-but they’re likely to share a disspassionate dislike of firearms.

My own family was no different in this area. As such, I came to the People of the Gun as a latter-life convert to the cause. So when I speak about marketing gun ownership to anti’s, it is not from an academic background.

The first place to start is necessity.

In major urban areas -Chicago among them- the only practical use of a gun is the most extreme. Not many deer trample through State Street and Wacker Drive, as it were. Further, 911 really is just a phone call away, and urban areas tend to have massive police agencies with a visible public presence.

In the country ,the necessity of a firearm is much less esoteric.
Most rural parts of America don’t have a deep law enforcement presence. When the local Sheriffs department has 8 people covering 150+ square miles of territory , and they’re operating on a shoestring budget at that, Joe Public in Ruralville USA doesn’t need an active imagination to realize the utility of a Glock in the cupboard. 911? If your device even has consistent service to start with, it’ll take 10+ minutes for LE to get to your location. Out in the country, there’s no illusions against this cold fact ;whatever personal defense problem a household has is up to them to solve.

Making city folk understand this is crucial; the average law abiding soul in Big Cityville never dials 911 frequently, making them unaware of the fact that even a 5 minute response time can be 4.5 minutes too late if Mr Bad Guy is paying them a visit. We need to start with this basic premise-because discussing legalities , rules, the Constitution, or ‘Murrica before laying down this basic fact is truly putting the cart before the horse.

To sell gun ownership to the anti-gun masses, we must first start there.

Selling Gun Ownership-Gear.

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Ex-Military, Ex Liberal and Ex-clueless. Currently living in flyover country with a few handguns and a burning desire to hit targets accurately with them.

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