Blackhawk! SERPA is a Safety Hazard.

For those unable to watch the above video, it depicts the normal results of operating the SERPA: the users trigger finger ends up in the gun’s trigger guard.

This is not a holster, any more then a Honda Accord without a front hood on chopped factory shocks and boosted with an un-tuned 125 shot Nitrous on the stock engine internals is a racecar. It is a timebomb waiting for a place to happen and a person to happen to.

The guy in the above video isn’t a rank amateur, either. If the host of Guns and Ammo TV ends up violating one of the 4 Rules on camera using this product (as it is unworthy of the name “holster”) ,safe to say most of us will too.

Now lets assume you, dear reader, have more experience then most law enforcement agencies and instructors who’ve rightfully banned the use of this abortive product. Assuming you have superior skill under fire and stress, why would you use a retention device with a demonstrated history of not only encouraging negligent discharges, but also fails when exposed to soil and debris in a way which traps the pistol?

A message to fellow range safety officers and LE range staff-I implore you to do the best you can to advocate these holsters are banned from your facility. Blackhawk is a company, so their directive is the bottom line and not customer safety (else they’d discontinue or heavily redesign this abortive thing).Its up to us to get the word out and up the chains of our site and agency managers to have this hazard removed. If people can’t use these things in any class or range near them and ask why, word of mouth will spread and this will either be discontinued or redesigned into a less hazardous form.

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